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Meeting rooms

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Rooms we have reserved at the University of Denver Driscoll Student Center, along with maximum capacity:


  • Ballroom: everyone will fit in here for opening and closing
  • Gallery: 50 to 150 people, Vendor tables are located here
  • Fireside: 15 people
  • 1880: 35 to 60 people
  • 1864: 40 to 60 people
  • Commerce Room: 25 to 50 people


More info at Driscoll Center's Meeting Rooms page.


Maximum capacity is given as a range because it varies depending upon how the room is set up. I expect we want "boardroom style," which I assume is one long table with everyone sitting around that. "Boardroom style" will put us closer to the lower number given for each room, it looks like. Perhaps one room should be "theater style" for more traditional "stand & deliver" presentations?


All good suggestions. One more? What about circling the chairs, that way everyone can see each other? Unfortunately, this configuration may further limit the number of people though. Cushions? - Judy Van Acker - CLiC


Judy, that's a good idea, but I don't think it's an option offered by the Driscoll folks who set up the room. A circle might also be difficult for those who want to use the projector. -Steve Lawson


We also have two rooms in the Penrose Library including the Research Instruction Room with 19 computers (bottom center of this map - http://library.du.edu/About/Tour/tour_main.cfm) and a standard classroom with 24 seats (called the Research Seminar Room, see the lower right of this map -- http://library.du.edu/About/Tour/LGtour_lower.cfm).


Standard room set-up


What will campers expect to find in each room? Right now I'm thinking:

  • Laptop w/internet connection
  • Projector
  • Easel with large pad


Anything else? Don't expect ice water and mints. Perhaps the smallest room (Fireside) doesn't need a laptop & projector?

If you need any equipment I believe CLiC could help. ~jv

We will keep that in mind. Thanks! -Steve Lawson

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