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Attendee Information

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Attendee Information Planning to attend Library Camp of the West? Fantastic! Put your name on the list below with whatever info you'd care to share about where you work, how to contact you, a URL, etc.


Some people do not want their email address to be clickable. Please do not edit others' email addresses. Once you have registered by putting your name on the list below, we'll add you to the Library Camp of the West 2008 (LCOW08) mailing list on Yahoo! Groups.


Due to space limitations, we have to cap attendance at 150 people. Once this list hits 150, please email laura@parkcountylibrary.org to get put on the waiting list. If you have signed up but can't come, please remove yourself from this list and email laura@parkcountylibrary.org.


  1. Stacey Bowers, Access and Outreach Services Librarian, University of Denver, Westminster Law Library, sbowers@law.du.edu
  2. Laura Crossett (One of the Camp organizers), laura@parkcountylibrary.org
  3. Kaijsa Calkins, English Reference & Instruction Librarian, University of Wyoming, kcalkins at uwyo.edu
  4. Beth Dalton, Student, Library & Info. Science Program, University of Denver, bethdalton@pacbell.net
  5. Robin Filipczak, Student, Library & Information Science Program, University of Denver, rfilipc2@du.edu
  6. Matt Hamilton, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, University of Colorado at Boulder-- Currently an MLS student with the Emporia SLIM program, thebrewinlibrarian@gmail.com.
  7. Kieran Hixon - Tech Services, John C. Fremont Library District, bfhenboy@gmail.com
  8. Brenda Hough - Library Training Specialist - MaintainIT Project, Librarians with Class
  9. Kris Johnson, AskColorado Coordinator, Colorado State Library, johnson_k@cde.state.co.us
  10. Joe Kraus. Science & Engineering Librarian, University of Denver. jokraus@du.edu (New email address at jkraus @ mines dot edu -- Another one of the Camp organizers)
  11. Cass Kvenild, Distance Learning Librarian, University of Wyoming, ckvenild at uwyo.edu
  12. Steve Lawson. Humanities Librarian, Colorado College. slawson at coloradocollege.edu (Steve is also one of the Camp organizers)
  13. Lisa Lister, Public Services/Collections Librarian, Colorado College, llister@coloradocollege.edu
  14. Erin Meyer, Outreach Librarian & Research Center Coordinator, Penrose Library, University of Denver, erin.meyer@du.edu
  15. Sharon Morris, Director of Library Development, Colorado State Library, morris_s@cde.state.co.us
  16. Joshua M. Neff, Web Content Developer, Johnson County (KS) Library, joshuamneff at gmail dot com
  17. Mary Stansbury, Chair, Library & Info. Science Program, University of Denver, Mary.Stansbury@du.edu
  18. Judy Van Acker - SE Library Consultant for the Colorado Library Consortium, jvanacker@clicweb.org
  19. David Read. University Records Manager, University of Denver. david.read at du.edu
  20. Sandra Macke - Catalog Librarian, University of Denver. sandra.macke@du.edu
  21. Amy Phillips - Supervising Librarian with Pueblo City and County Library District and PhD Student Emporia State University. alphillips22@gmail.com
  22. Valerie Horton -- Executive Director, Colorado Library Consortium, vhorton@clicweb.org
  23. Natalia Tingle, Student, Library & Info. Science, University of Denver, ntingle@du.edu
  24. Pat Wagner, Management Consultant, Pattern Research, Denver, CO, pat@pattern.com
  25. Graydon Miller, Head of Reference Services, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, graydon.miller@ppcc.edu
  26. Katharine Phenix, Adult Services Librarian, Rangeview Library District, kphenix@rangeviewld.org I want to set up an Adult Readers Round Table modeled after the infamous ARRT in the Chicago area.
  27. Jezmynne Westcott, Science Librarian, Claremont University Consortium, jezmynne@gmail.com
  28. Terzah Becker, Reference Specialist, Boulder Public Library, beckert@bouldercolorado.gov
  29. Stephen Sarazin, Access Services and Technology Librarian, Albany County Public Library, ssarazin at will.state.wy.us
  30. Bernice Hicks, Reference Librarian, Lafayette Public Library, berniceh@cityoflafayette.com
  31. Deborah Hailey deborahhailey@gmail.com
  32. Karen Neville, Technical Services Librarian, Colorado Christian University, kneville@ccu.edu
  33. Bethany Sewell, Access Services Librarian, University of Denver, bethany.sewell@du.edu
  34. Joe Grobelny, Music Librarian, University of Colorado, Boulder, joseph.grobelny@colorado.edu
  35. Beth Harper, Tech Services, Spanish Peaks Library District, Walsenburg bharper@spld.org
  36. Kaitlin Hoke. Student, MLIS Program, University of Denver, khoke@du.edu
  37. Jill Jarrell, Teen Services Librarian, Pikes Peak Library District, jjarrell@ppld.org
  38. Kristen Baldwin, Teen Services Librarian, Pikes Peak Library District, kbaldwin@ppld.org
  39. Julie Cavender, Librarian, jjcavender@gmail.com
  40. Linda Tietjen, Arts & Architecture Bibliographer, Auraria Library, Linda.Tietjen@ucdenver.edu
  41. Erin McCaffrey, Digital Systems Librarian, Regis University, emccaffr@regis.edu
  42. K.R. Roberto, Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Denver, kr.roberto@du.edu
  43. Julia Ripley, Wordmonger Ph.D., MLIS, retired technical writer, jripley@ecentral.com
  44. Melissa Izzo, Student, Library & Information Science Program, University of Denver, mizzo2@du.edu
  45. Gwen Raftery Proctor, Teen Services Librarian, Arapahoe Library District, gproctor@ald.lib.co.us
  46. Michelle Wilde, Physical Sciences Librarian, Colorado State University, michelle.wilde@colostate.edu
  47. Shannon O'Grady, NE Library Consultant for the Colorado Library Consortium, sogrady@clicweb.org
  48. Regina Avila, MLIS student, University of Denver, regina.avila@du.edu
  49. Rachel Fewell, Collection Development Manager, Rangeview Library District rfewell@gmail.com
  50. Tracy Treece, Reference Librarian, Aurora Public Library, ttreece at auroragov.org
  51. Mindy Kittay, Finance Director, Rangeview Library District, mindykittay@gmail.com
  52. Melody Bentfield, SLIM student, Colorado Cohort IX, CLC Program Committee member, RLD Community Analysis Intern, melodyoutside@gmail.com
  53. Christy Confetti Higgins, Information Specialist, Digital Library Program Lead - Sun Microsystems, christy.confetti@sun.com
  54. Leif Smith, Pattern Research, Explorers Foundation, Denver, leif@pattern.com
  55. Gabrielle Wiersma, Student, MLIS Program, University of Denver, gwiersma@colorado.edu
  56. Esti Shay, Reference Librarian, Westminster Law Library, University of Denver, eshay(at)law.du.edu
  57. Lisa Priebe, Colorado Library Consortium, lpriebe@clicweb.org
  58. Elizabeth Cuckow Thorson, Manager Reference and Technical Services, Laramie County Library System, Cheyenne, Wyoming, ethorson@lclsonline.org
  59. Jamie LaRue, Director, Douglas County Libraries, jlarue@jlarue.com
  60. Debbie Reynolds, Director, Lamar Public Library, Lamar, Colorado, debbie.reynolds@lamar.lib.co.us
  61. Jamie Markus, Continuing Education Coordinator, Wyoming State Library, jmarku@state.wy.us
  62. Emilie Satterwhite, Reference Librarian, Pikes Peak Library District, esatterwhite@ppld.org
  63. Brian Mosbey, Student Emporia State University SLIM, Pomes70@gmail.com
  64. Brian D. Moss, MLS student and Graduate Assistant, School of Library and Information Management, Emporia State University, Emporia KS, bdm51@yahoo.com
  65. Ruby Nugent, Library Tech II - UCHSC Anschutz Campus, Ruby.Nugent@ucdenver.edu
  66. Becky Russell, Senior Librarian (Hampden Branch), Denver Public Library, brussell@denverlibrary.org
  67. Aspen Walker, Executive Assistant to the Director & Emporia MLS Student; Douglas County Libraries, toadflaxwalker@gmail.com
  68. Tobey Stein , Auraria Library, Reference & Instruction Services, tobey.stein@ucdenver.edu
  69. Abby Koehler, Media/ Reference Librarian, Pueblo City-County Library District, abby.koehler@pueblolibrary.org
  70. William Tietjen, CRM, Reference & Instruction, Univ. Colorado Denver, William.Tietjen@ucdenver.edu -- "When I Grow Up I want To Be a Library Project Manager"
  71. Kerri Martin, Youth Librarian, Douglas County Libraries, Highlands Ranch Branch, kmartin@dclibraries.org
  72. Christine Kreger, Internet Librarian, Arapahoe Library District, ckreger@ald.lib.co.us
  73. Mary Katherine Katzer, Member Services Manager, Marmot Library Network, Grand Junction mk@marmot.org
  74. Debra Hoke, PPLD Staff, dhoke@ppld.org
  75. Robin Dean, Records Assistant, Penrose Library, Univ. of Denver, robin.dean@du.edu
  76. Jessica King, Librarian, Westwood College, Denver South Campus Library, jjones03@westwood.edu
  77. Stefanie Bakken, Denver Public Library, Spanish Language Content Developer, sbakken@denverlibrary.org
  78. Cyns Nelson, Voice Preserve, oral-history collection development, teagods@hotmail.com
  79. Deborah Kopylov, dkopylov@comcast.net
  80. Dodie Ownes, dodie.ownes@gmail.com, Library Journal special projects; Editor, SLJTeen
  81. Janet Smith, Regional Director,Basch Subscription Services,Lakewood CO, jsmith@basch.com
  82. Mark Kille, Interim Library Director, Naropa University, Boulder CO, mkille@naropa.edu
  83. Barbara Blum, SLIM student, Emporia State University, barbara@rsblum.com
  84. Maggie Shawcross, MLIS student, University of Denver, mshawcro@du.edu
  85. Clara Sitter, Faculty, Library & Information Science Program University of Denver. csitter@du.edu
  86. Shirley Biladeau, Continuing Education Consultant, Idaho Commission for Libraries, shirley.biladeau@libraries.idaho.gov
  87. Charlotte Rath, Denver Public Library, Ross-University Hills, crath@denverlibrary.org
  88. Holli Buchter,MLS, St. Vrain Valley School District, buchter_holli@stvrain.k12.co.us
  89. Norm Birt, Cataloger, St. Vrain Valley School District, birt_norm@stvrain.k12.co.us
  90. Shelley Walchak, CLiC, swalchak@clicweb.org
  91. Jim Duncan, Colorado State Library, duncan_j@cde.state.co.us
  92. Jeff Bullington, Coordinator of College Liaisons, Colorado State University, jeff.bullington at colostate.edu
  93. Maura McGrath, Research Librarian, McREL, mamcgrat@du.edu/ mmcgrath@mcrel.org
  94. Karen Pardue, Instructional Technology Librarian, Colorado State University-Pueblo, karen.pardue@colostate-pueblo.edu.
  95. Marianne Aldrich, Circulation Services Coordinator, Tutt Library, Colorado College, marianne.aldrich@coloradocollege.edu
  96. Laurie Kubitz-Maness, Web Developer, Denver Public Library, lkubitz@denverlibrary.org
  97. Seana O'Grady, Denver Public Library, sogrady@denverlibrary.org
  98. Jeff Donlan, Director, Salida Regional Library, jdonlan@salidalibrary.org
  99. Monica Birrer, Librarian, Spanish Peaks Library, Walsenburg, mkirby@spld.org
  100. Janet Ryan, Denver Public Library, Web Information Services Librarian, jryan@denverlibrary.org
  101. Tara Bannon, Librarian, Denver Public Library, tbannon@denverlibrary.org
  102. Jennifer Rowan, MLIS Student, University of Denver, jennifer.rowan@du.edu
  103. Cathy Cranston, Instruction Librarian, Colorado State University, cathy.cranston AT colostate.edu
  104. Anne Kemmerling, Reference Librarian/EPA, Denver Public Library, akemmer@denverlibrary.org
  105. Sharon Quay - Rampart Library District (SQuay@rampartlibrarydistrict.org)
  106. Barb Hudson - Security Public Library (hudsonb@wsd3.k12.co.us)
  107. Elizabeth Pate - Denver Public Library (librarywiz@yahoo.com)
  108. Mckinley Sielaff - Colorado College (Msielaff@coloradocollege.edu)
  109. Liz Williams - Youth Librarian, Douglas County Libraries, ewilliams@dclibraries.org
  110. Debbi MacLeod - Director, Colorado Talking Book Library & State Publications Library, macleod_d@cde.state.co.us
  111. Nicolle Steffen - Director, Library Research Service, Colorado State Library, steffen_n@cde.state.co.us
  112. Manny Frank Santos - Head Librarian, Jones International Univ., msantos@international.edu
  113. Laura Cullerton, Information Specialist, Platt College lcullerton@plattcolorado.edu
  114. Shannon DeLay- Library Technician I, Preservation Department University of Colorado Libraries Boulder, delay@colorado.edu
  115. Rhonda Gonzales, Dean of Library Services, Colorado State University - Pueblo, rhonda.gonzales@colostate-pueblo.edu
  116. Kathy Jackson, Library Services, URS Washington Division, kathy.jackson@wgint.com
  117. Margaret Walsh, Cochlear Americas, mwalsh@cochlear.com
  118. Jeremy Zahrte, Account Executive - Mountain Region, ProQuest, jeremy.zahrte@proquest.com
  119. Melanie Borski-Howard, Youth Librarian Assistant, Boulder Public Library, howardm@bouldercolorado.gov
  120. Rachel Desormes, Records Assistant, Penrose Library, Univ. of Denver, rachel.desormes@du.edu
  121. Diane Tobin, Medical Librarian, Denver Medical Library, tobind@denvermedlib.org
  122. Lisa Holmberg, Project Coordinator, Innovations & Special Projects, BCR, Aurora, Colorado, lholmberg@bcr.org
  123. Gene Hainer, Director/State Librarian, Colorado State Library, Hainer, hainer_g@cde.state.co.us
  124. Joe Brown, MLIS student, University of Denver / Serials Manager, Colorado Historical Society, joe.brown@du.edu
  125. Bethany Fisher, student, MLIS, University of Denver, bfisher3@du.edu
  126. Alison Fudge, Alison.Fudge@du.edu
  127. Gina Wencel, Gina.Wencel@du.edu
  128. Daryll Stevens, dstevens at coloradocollege.edu
  129. Emily Woodward, MLIS student at DU, Education Program Assistant at Denver Public, Emily.Woodward@du.edu
  130. Susan Goldman, MLIS student University of Denver, AskColorado provider susan.goldman@du.edu
  131. Christine Johnson, Reference Librarian, Aurora Public Library, cajohnso@auroragov.org
  132. Carrie Forbes, Instruction Coodinator and Reference Librarian, carrie.forbes@du.edu
  133. Laurie Van Court, Virtual Reference Librarian, Douglas County Libraries, lvancourt@dclibraries.org
  134. Hutch Tibbetts, Virtual Reference Librarian, Douglas County Libraries, htibbetts@dclibraries.org
  135. Tracy Canada, Library Assistant/Lead Circulation Clerk, Rangeview Library District, Commerce City Branch, tcanada@rangeviewld.org
  136. Elise Blas, MLIS student at Emporia, elise.amelie@gmail.com
  137. Elizabeth Sollie, Library Assoc., Westminster Public Library, esollie@cityofwestminster.us
  138. Ross Callender , NW Regional Consultant, CLiC, Grand Junction
  140. Stacia Maiorani, Student, Library and Information Science Program, University of Denver, stacia.maiorani@du.edu
  141. Jack Maness, Librarian, Bibliographer for Engineering and Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder, jack.maness@colorado.edu
  142. Put your name here!


Due to space limitations, we have to cap attendance at 150 people. Once this list hits 150, please email ]laura@parkcountylibrary.org to get put on the waiting list. If you have signed up but can't come, please remove yourself from this list and email laura@parkcountylibrary.org.


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